Digital Marketing


Are your clients looking for your service or product? They're going to check reviews and websites. CSG can help you boost reviews, drive traffic to your site and generate positive energy online.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will increase the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as visibility for

your brand, through analysis and implementation of "organic"

(quality content, meta data, links, site map) search engine results.


Social Media Marketing

We will create several profiles linked to your site from different outlets to drive search engine optimization and circulate your brand to where clients are looking most. Frequent posting with updates, specials, staff bio's and other engaging material to keep interest.

Rating monitoring and responses to ensure your market knows you listen.


Email Marketing

CSG will build a client email lists for new promotions, events or just to say hello. To bring them to your site, use active photos and links. Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and it has proven to increase interest and circulate new clients.


Quality Content Creation

Search engines are looking for the quality content for the best search engine results, so are your customers. Lots of dynamic information about you, your business and product is how growth is achieved on today's web consumer connections. Whether it's functioning email marketing, responsive e-commerce website, social sites, google/facebook ads or blogging, people want to know you are paying attention, and focused on the appropriate details. As a business, it's a necessity to offer an intelligent professional online presence. Keeping quality content flowing on all of your

points of contact is standard practice for successful businesses now.

Draw attention to your business by consistently offering substantiative content to people,

who otherwise will skip over it to go to the next company with content that addresses their needs.


Video Marketing

Attract attention with a three minute video which includes audio of your commentary, shots of your business in action. We will create, link and post these videos to social media,

your website and email marketing.


Survey Management

Retrieve feedback and comments/reviews to post on social media, website and business review sites. Posting your customers’ positive experiences will not only help your business stand out, it will show your customers you care and post their positive experiences

online to help your business stand out from the rest.


Online Ads

We will place display ad banners on websites and blogs to redirect user’s attention to your company’s website and product. Include sponsored ads at the bottom of blog or Facebook posts.


Analysis Reporting

CSG will conduct research and provide data to analyze the performance of your marketing campaign and effectively communicate your marketing strategy, and analyze the performance of your marketing campaign, promotional tactics, goals and expected outcomes.


Rating Monitor

To ensure positive and responsive profiles, CSG will constantly review and check ratings on all online venues given by your clients to ensure positive and responsive profiles.

Potential customers searching your profiles and seeing competitor's, will appreciate

the attention to ratings and reviews with good results.


Facebook Messenger

Utilize Facebook Messenger for client outreach updates, potential conversations starting with a chat-bot, and for gathering comments and questions.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Drives traffic to your website by offering online ads shown in large scale linked to your site.


Direct Mail

For print marketing, we will design, print and mail targeted direct mail pieces to circulate to a wide local region. This is definitely an effective way to get the word out.



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